Home of award-winning STANDARD MARKET CAVE-AGED CHANDOKA by LaClare Farms
We’re the proud affineur of Standard Market Cave Aged Chandoka, the recipient of two prestigious awards at the 2015 American Cheese Society awards: 1st place in American Originals (original recipe from mixed milks) and 2nd place Overall Best of Show.
The Cheese Shop
The Standard Market Cheese Shop aims to showcase an experience through quality. At any given time, we have 200–300 different cheeses in house. Our selection leans heavily toward American artisan cheeses, but we also have a selection of what we consider to be some of the best-of-class cheeses from around the world. Our cheesemongers are eager to help you find the perfect cheese to snack on, cook with, or give as a gift.
Caring For Your Cheese: Storage and Serving
The most important thing to do with your cheese when you bring it home is to eat it! If you are unable to utilize it all in one sitting, we have some tips for you. Remember, humidity is key. Always keep your cheese stored in cheese paper or waxed paper and sealed with tape. If you do not have these tools available, use a sealed container and store your cheese furthest from the fan as possible.
When serving your cheese, take it out of refrigeration 30 minutes prior to consuming so you can get the full experience of flavors.
How to Build a Cheese Platter
Which cheeses will you choose? And how much will you need? These are great starter questions to ask yourself when deciding on how you will determine the experience for you and your guests.
A cheese platter includes cheese and different foods that compliment the flavors and nuances you find in the cheeses you have selected.
– A variety of cheeses: at least two different styles is ideal! This ensures that you are able to excite your guests with different flavors and provide a well rounded experience. Go with something soft, something hard and semi-firm at minimum.
– Something sweet: Jam or honey are a natural and guaranteed pairing success for any cheese board.
– Something savory: Provide nuts, raw or roasted to bring out the rich notes found in the cheese
– Something crunchy: This will be something that you use as a “serving vessel” for your cheese and accompaniments. This will be artisan crackers or our traditional french baguettes from our bakery.
– Something bright: Fresh fruit is great as a palate cleanser and also highlights the other flavors on the board.
– Something to drink: Having a beverage is great to provide for your guests as well! Many varieties of beer and wine can be used but there is also the option of tea and coffee as a pairing.
Ask our cheesemongers for their recommendations for your cheese board, or choose from one of our expertly prepared cheese platters.
Email with any questions.

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