Stout & Cookies

Sat 4/29/17 - 11am–9pm
Naperville, Westmont

Stout is often called a beer you could drink for dessert, so we figured, why not pair it with dessert? We’re pairing 4 stouts with 4 different cookies, and you get to try the results. Enjoy one pairing or try them all. Stop by anytime after 11am to enjoy the pairings.
Prairie Artisan Ales, Paradise: Vanilla Coconut Imperial Stout; 13% abv
Paired with a white chocolate chip and cherry cookie with white chocolate drizzle
Off Color Brewing, Dino S’mores: Imperial Stout brewed with graham flour, marshmallow fluff, vanilla and cocoa nibs; 10.5% abv,
Paired with a graham flour cookie “sandwich” with marshmallow fluff filling
Ale Smith Brewing, Nibs and Beans: Coffee Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans; 12% abv
Paired with double chocolate biscotti
Perennial Brewing, 17: Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout; 10% abv
Paired with a housemade mint oreo cookie
$9/pairing or $30 for all four pairings.