Supper Club: Rosé and Saffron

Wed 7/12/17 - 6:30pm

Inspired by the warm weather and scents of saffron, Standard Market presents a Rosé and Saffron Dinner in partnership with Candid Wines and Rumi Spice. Not only are rosé and saffron complementary in color, they also mimic one another’s flavors, resulting in a delightful pairing of summery sensations.
Course 1
Beef Tartare with saffron infused olive oil, pink peppercorns, dried pomegranate, and coriander
Pairing: Champagne Pierre Moncuit, Rose Grand Cru
Course 2
Bay scallops with a soft poached egg, saffron butter, uni foam, and jamón
Pairing: Riecine, Rosati Jasper (2014)
Course 3
Pheasant Bastila with carrot, nasturtium, saffron honey, and pistachio
Pairing: Barra of Mendocino, 2015
Course 4
Lamb Loin with pomegranate molasses, sunchoke, and smoked cashew
Pairing: Domaine Turner Pageot, 48 Hrs
Course 5
Saffron Chai Pots-de-Crème with an almond biscuit
Pairing: Casalone, Mariposa Brachetto
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