Celebrating Local

Celebrating Local Enjoy local products

There’s something intrinsically loyal about shopping and eating local. Not only are you providing support for your community, you’re likely eating, drinking and dining amongst friends who understand what your interests are: clean, honest products made close to home. As a locally owned business ourselves, Standard Market is all about celebrating local.
Here are a few of our favorite local brands that we’re proud to have in store:
Oberweis: Founded in 1927, this North Aurora dairy has since expanded to ice cream shops & burger joints. Their hormone-free, antibiotic-free milk comes in recyclable glass bottles (now amber to avoid early milk spoilage) that maintain the fresh flavor of the Midwest (and also happens to be quite good in our favorite cereals.) We are also excited to carry a lineup of Oberweis ice creams.
Two Brothers: A staple in the Western suburbs founded by two brothers (a-ha!) twenty years ago, you can find Two Brothers beers amongst some of our favorite local brews. They’ve even produced a golden ale called Prairie Path that is crafted to remove gluten without removing flavor!
El Milagro: Built from the ground up by Mexican transplant Raul Lopez in the 1950s, this family owned and operated business in Chicago produces some of the crispiest, crunchiest tortilla chips in the Midwest. Scoop some up with Standard Marketmade Pico de Gallo and snack time is made!
And of course, as local as it gets Standard Market: Serving you scratch-baked breads, fresh-pressed juices, easy ready-made meals, and so much more since 2011! We enjoy crafting a variety of different Marketmade items because it allows us to deliver a quality product in the most delicious way we know: made in our markets, every day, just for you, to Make Every Meal Special®.


Posted on 8/15/17.