Cook the Perfect Steak

Cook the Perfect Steak The secret to steak bliss

In honor of Meat Wave: A Celebration of Meat, we’re giving you step by step instructions to cooking a delectable steak without the steep price of dining out.
Don’t forget to join us on July 22nd for a day filled with artisan and chef crafted meat samples, demonstrations, and more! And, if you’re in Westmont, Meathead Goldwyn will be busting meat-myths from 11am–12pm in the CUBE. Sign up is free!
If you’ve ever been a victim of overly charred, tough, or rough steak, we have a solution to the problem: make the perfect steak at home!
Step 1: Purchase your favorite cut of steak, butchered in-Market by our meat department, and take that carefully wrapped package home.
Step 2: Decide if you’re going to be cooking your steak indoors or outdoors. Be sure to check the weather report!
Step 3: Season your meat one hour before cooking and leave at room temperature until you start the cooking process. Sea salt and pepper are good additions, but feel free to use whatever rubs, etc…you enjoy the most.
Step 4: Heat up your desired method of cooking (skillet for indoors, grill for outdoors) and adjust the heat level to where the pan or grill is hot.
Step 5: Be sure to grease up your steak! To add flavor and make sure nothing sticks, rub olive oil on steaks being grilled outdoors, and place indoor steaks in a hot pan of almost browned butter.
Step 6: Sear the steaks on your desired appliance for 4–6 minutes on the first side, flipping the steaks over when satisfied with color and sear.
Step 7: For indoor cooking, baste the cooked part with the browned butter for a couple more minutes while the other side cooks. Outside grillers, use a meat thermometer to determine your desired finish of steak, and either wait until it reaches the proper temp for rare or medium, or close the lid for three extra minutes for a more well-done option.
Step 8: Profit! Let your steak rest on a cutting board for 5-10 minutes under a tent of aluminum foil to let the juices flow. Serve with whatever you like to enjoy steak with, or by its delicious, meaty self.
For a more steak cooking tips, temperature guide, and more, head to our how-to page. Don’t feel like adding more dishes to your sink? Pop into our deli for a variety of sides, salads, and other options to accompany your steak.


Posted on 7/18/17.