Ice Cream Hacks

Ice Cream Hacks New and improved!

When it comes to ice cream, the sky’s the limit. From crazy flavor creations to mile-high scoops, this creamy treat keeps us all cool and satiated on hot summer days. Below are a few fun ways to serve and devour your favorite flavors whether with guests or by yourself.
Clever Bowls
Not interested in the same old ice cream dish day in and day out? Make it fruity! Grab your favorite fruits, such as peaches or apples, split in half and core them. Roast in the oven or grill until just slightly soft and the natural sugars caramelize.
Shake It Up
Not all ice cream needs to be scooped! Sip your way to chilly bliss with a classic milk shake. Simply take your favorite flavors, grab a blender and ta-da! A portable treat to beat the heat. Our suggestion? Use almond milk, avocado, honey and frozen greek yogurt for a healthy spin.
Banana Ice…Cream?
Not being able to enjoy dairy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy ice cream! Slice and freeze overripe bananas overnight. Pour bananas into blender and purée until smooth and creamy. The best part? Add your favorite toppings, such as walnuts, chocolate chips, or peanut butter for a fun snack!
Can’t get enough ice cream fun? Join us for an Ice Cream Social on 7/15 at our Westmont and Naperville locations. We’ll be sampling and scooping this sweet treat, from gelato to sorbets and beyond, both Marketmade and from the best local artisans!


Posted on 7/11/17.