Make Every Lunch Special

Make Every Lunch Special Lunchtime Favorites

The school year is in full swing in the Western Suburbs: pencils are sharpened, backpacks are zipped up, and lunches are packed! Here are a few examples of twists on classic lunch items sure to please even the pickiest lunchtime diner.
An Apple a Day
Core your apple, put the core to the side, and then cut the rest of the apple into normal slices. Put the apple back together like a puzzle and wrap with a rubber band to prevent browning while your child is waiting to eat their lunch! Pair said apple with your favorite nut or alternative butter, or with a mild cheddar for a salty-sweet treat!
Roll it Up!
Our buttercrust bread acts as an excellent vehicle for all your child’s favorite sandwich fillings. Instead of the traditional PB&J, spread sun butter on two slices of buttercrust bread, then layer thin apple slices & raisins on top. Roll each slice tightly and slice in half. Ta-da, sandwich sushi! Local peaches and nectarines snuggle up well next to sandwich sushi in lunch boxes for a end-of-meal goodie.
Take Note
Loves notes for your little ones don’t need to be on paper only . Share your endearments through cheese slices stamped into heart shapes, baby carrots cut in half and shaped into hearts, and stickers placed carefully on sandwich bags and juice boxes. Little puzzles added into lunch boxes with golf pencils are also a fun way to share brain benders for lunchtime fun!
Want to spoil your child, but don’t have time in the mornings? Standard Market has a variety of grab-and-go options available for busy parents. Or our catering team can also help you with bulk sandwich orders, veggie trays, bulk meal orders, and more to help supplement needs during the week.


Posted on 8/22/17.