Pack the Perfect Picnic

Pack the Perfect Picnic Portable treats and tricks for the best outdoor extravaganza

Pack the Perfect Picnic
Uncover the patio furniture, break out the picnic baskets, and crack open up the plastic containers: it’s almost Summer! At Standard Market, we’re celebrating one of the classic traditions of warm weather days: The Picnic. Instead of the traditional sandwiches and sodas, spice up your picnic with hand held treats, exceptional produce, and Marketmade goodies.
Sweet Sippers
Water is the universal nourisher, but also a great vehicle for fruits, like melons & strawberries, as well as sprigs of mint, and slices of cucumber. Chop up your favorite produce or drop in some sweet berries, like blackberries, to spice up that same ol’ agua. To keep drinks cold, freeze said fruits & veggies in ice cube trays and drop inside a Thermos to keep cool without melting! Or, instead, grab a Marketmade bottle of Spa Water to keep cool (without having to fill up the fridge ahead of time!)
Straight Dippin’
Dips like guacamole are easy to tote and tend to last a long time if properly prepared. Make your own at home with avocados, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic and lime (or pop into our produce department for some Marketmade guac in a variety of flavors!) Pack dip into plastic containers for easy mobility. Don’t forget the baby carrots and tortilla chips!
Sugary Snack Attack
Handheld sweet treats, such as our packs of Marketmade, fresh-baked cookies or brownies are ideal for picnics, but if your guests have picky pallets, choose any of individual dessert or snack pack (such as our Yummy Snack Pack) in a variety of flavors and sizes in the coolers near checkout.
Overall, be sure to include food items you and your family/friends like to eat the most. Not sure what that might be? Let our Standard Market catering team help you out (and save you the trouble of asking around). Be sure to check out what’s on sale this week to see our totally tote-able deals!


Posted on 5/16/17.