Pear Perfection

Pear Perfection Now appearing

Pears are the perfect fall treat. How well do you know your pears?
Buy when: slightly under-ripe, so they can ripen at home. Squeeze the neck. It should have some give—but not too much!
Anjou (or D’Anjou): Available in green or red varieties, Anjou pears are rounder with stubbier necks. A good eating apple, but also great for baking.
Asian: Crisp and crunchy, extremely sweet, sometimes called apple pears.
Bartlett: A classic pear, delicately sweet, these tend to ripen a little faster so be sure to eat them quickly!
Bosc: The brown skinned Bosc has a little thicker skin and a nice sweetness if you are patient enough to let them ripen. Perfect for baking into a tart.
Comice: A squat, round variety. Juicy yet buttery. Ready to eat as a snack, or pair with your favorite bloomy rind cheese


Posted on 10/11/17.