Standard Market Favorites

Standard Market Favorites A round-up of our biggest hits

After five years in business, a couple things have become apparent: we couldn’t do any of this without our customers, and those customers have a few things that they REALLY love. We’ve rounded up a list of Standard Market favorites—both new and old items that you can’t get enough of. Check them out below!
Marketmade Sweet Potato Fries
These are the same famous sweet potato fries from Standard Market Grill, made for enjoying at home. Bake or deep fry, and then serve with our mustard-honey sauce on the side.
Marketmade Chicken Pot Pie
Comfort food at its finest. We sandwich a creamy chicken & veggie filling between two layers of super flaky pastry. Just bake and enjoy!
Marketmade Crab Cakes
Our take on the classic crab cake uses Milanese-style breadcrumbs to bind together loads of jumbo lump crab. They’re ready to pan-fry (we like a mixture of butter and olive oil) and serve with a leafy green salad.
Marketmade Bacon
A favorite from the beginning: thick-cut bacon with a variety of seasonings like vanilla espresso, herb, orange chipotle, and maple bourbon.
Marketmade Crème Brûlée
We hand-torch each sugar-topped vanilla custard to order, which ensures you get that signature “crack” with a spoon when you dig in at home.
Marketmade Pecan Sticky Bun
Brunch fans, this one’s for you. We wrap a brioche-inspired dough around a ribbon of cinnamon sugar, roll and bake, then top it with a decadent, caramel-y pecan sticky glaze that keeps customers coming back for more.
Standard Market Cave Aged Chandoka
We partnered with LaClare Farms to age their cheddar-style cheese into a dense, fudgy cheese with notes of grass, citrus, and rich butter. It won runner-up Best In Show at the 2015 American Cheese Society Awards, which means one thing: our customers sure have good taste.
RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bars
This newcomer to the Market (it arrived last year) is quickly becoming our most popular bar. They’re made locally in Chicago, and pack a punch of 12 grams of real food protein courtesy of the egg whites. The clean ingredient list is a hit with healthy eaters, as are the tasty flavors like Blueberry, Maple Sea Salt, and Coconut Chocolate.
Frooze Balls
These fruit & nut balls are exclusive to Standard Market in the U.S. They hail from New Zealand, where they craft dates, cranberries, other dried fruit, and nuts into bite-size balls before rolling them in coconut.
Pioneer Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
These top-selling wines were created in a collaboration between our wine team and the Barra family of Mendocino County, California. We worked hard to find the perfect grapes and perfect blend to create a sub-$20 wine that tastes like a $30+ wine. Judging by the popularity, we think you’ve noticed!


Posted on 2/15/17.