Standard Market Rewards

Introducing the new Standard Market Rewards program!

  • Text STANDARD to 87573 or enter your phone number when you’re at the register to get started!
  • Redeem your points for rewards, free products, and more
  • Earn bonus points on highlighted items
  • Keep track of digital punchcards
  • Receive more offers and coupons tailored just for you!



Exchange your points for items at Standard Market.
Reward items available while supplies last.


New reward tiers, effective 6/19/2020:

500 Points

Standard Marketmade Orange Juice – 32 oz

Ice Mountain Water – 24 pack

Donkey Tortilla Chips – Salted 14 oz

Standard Marketmade 50/50 Spring Mix – 5 oz

Standard Marketmade Soup – 16 oz


1,000 Points

Boar’s Head Thick Cut Smoked Bacon – 12 oz

La Croix Sparkling Water – 12 pack

Clementines – 3 lb

Standard Marketmade Maple Blueberry Granola – per pound

Honey Bunches of Oats – 13-18 oz


1,500 Points

JLM Jumbo Salted Cashews – 14 oz

Truck Stop Coffee – 12 oz

Boar’s Head Ovengold Roasted Turkey Breast or Tavern Ham 1 lb

Any Two Rana Pastas 8.8-12 oz

Any Two Spice Hunter Spices 0.3-5 oz


2,000 Points

Standard Marketmade New York City Pizza

California Olive Ranch Every Day Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 25.4 oz

Two Fresh Cut Salmon Portions – 2-7 oz

U.S.D.A. Top Choice Boneless New York Strip – 1 lb

Standard Tacos Chicken Taco or Steak Kit – 24 oz

Bonus Rewards – Food Pantry Donation

Provides 3 Meals – 1000 points

Provies 6 Meals – 2000 points


I was a member of your earlier Standard Market Loyalty programs. Do I have to sign up again?
Yes, but it is as simple as entering your phone number when you check out. No more cards or apps needed!


Do I need to provide a mobile number?
While using your mobile number ensures that you receive of our promotions and offers, you can also use your landline number if you desire.


I’d still like to track my rewards and points via a smartphone app. Do you have one I can download?
Yes, you can download an app for iOS or Android, though neither is necessary for participating in the program.


Why did you change your program?
We listened to feedback from our customers and wanted to provide a more streamlined system for you to earn, view, and redeem your rewards throughout the Market.


What happened to all the points & punches that I earned previously?
If you have shopped with us recently, your point balances and punches will carry over if you use the same phone number and/or email address—be sure to enter both, if applicable. If your phone number or email address has changed or you’re not sure how you had previously registered, visit us at Customer Service and we will help you get this resolved.


I am missing points for my purchases.
Please stop by the Customer Service desk, and we’d be happy to help you out.


Will my points ever expire?
Points may expire after 60 days of inactivity.


PLEASE NOTE: Standard Market reserves the right to modify the Standard Market Rewards program at any time. We welcome your feedback. Email with any questions or for support.