It’s Still Summer!

A celebration of summer

Shh… school is just around the corner, but at Standard Market we are still celebrating summer.
Here are some of this week’s hot-weather highlights:
FreeBird Antibiotic-Free Marinated Party Chicken Wings $3.99/lb save 33% — marinated in-house in a variety of delicious flavors!
U.S.D.A. Top Choice Angus Beef Ribeye Steaks $12.99/lb the grill is calling your name
Compart Duroc St. Louis Style Pork Ribs $6.99/lb cook them low and slow over charcoal, the perfect backyard pastime
Yellow Peaches 99¢/lb save 60% — big and juicy!
Organic Watermelon $4.99/ea save 40%
Better Way Farms Michigan Blueberries 1 pint 2 for $6 regeneratively farmed, great for the planet and you
Hass Avocados 4 for $5
Standard Marketmade Marinated Shrimp Skewers 3 for $9 we did the hard work, ready to cook and enjoy in a flash
Wild East Coast Swordfish Steaks $15.99/lb
Standard Marketmade Sonoma Chicken Salad $9.99/lb
Standard Marketmade Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Breast $9.99/lb
Standard Marketmade Zucchini Cake $2.49/ea
Lioni Mozzarella Ovoline or Ciliegine $7.99/lb perfect for a caprese salad
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 4 pack x 16 oz $7.99 crisp and refreshing blend of grapefruit soda and beer
Pollyanna Summerly 4 pack x 16 oz $8.99 raspberry wheat ale that screams summer
Summer lives on at Standard Market!
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Posted on 8/6/19.

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