Ho-Ka Uncooked Whole Turkey (deposit)

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A local favorite: Ho-Ka! Fresh (never frozen) turkey from Howard Kauffman Turkey Farms in Waterman, DeKalb County, Illinois.

Please note that what we request on behalf of you from the farm and what we get is not always exact, and we may experience shortages on certain sizes. We will do our very best to accommodate your requested size. Turkeys should be cooked or frozen within several days of pickup.


$2.99/lb. $15 deposit required. Balance due upon pick-up. Limited quantities available for pre-order in two pound increments from 10 to 30 pounds.


Serving suggestion: we recommend 1 lb of turkey per person. If you’re serving other meat, we recommend ½ lb per person

Available for pick up beginning 11/23


***this item is not eligible for delivery