Premium Meats (deposit)



Make your celebration EXTRA special this year!

Serve your guests some delicious, specialty, premium meats.


Select from:

Duck Breast $17.99/lb
Duck Legs $12.99/lb
Goose $12.99/lb
Whole Duck $5.99/lb
Wild Boar Rack $24.99/lb
Pheasant $12.99/lb
Capon $4.99/lb
Cornish Hen $6.99/lb
Poussin $9.99/lb
Rabbit $13.99/lb
Venison Rib Rack $34.99/lb

Quail-Boneless 4 pack $25/ea pay in full
Foie Gras 4oz $30/ea pay in full


$15 deposit per item

balance due upon pick up

**minimum of 72-hours advance notice for all orders

pricing and availability subject to change


these items are not eligible for delivery



Some items may have been previously frozen