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Indicate your choice of 3 salsas: pico de gallo (mild), roasted jalapeño (mild), verde tomatillo (mild), salsa roja (mild), pickled vegetables (mild), mango habanero (medium), chipotle chimichurri (medium), chile de árbol (hot)

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Your choice of one or two dozen.

If served hot , to ensure product quality and freshness, it is recommended you pick up 30 minutes prior to consuming.  Re-heating directions can be provided.

Pick-up is at the Catering desk across from Customer Service.

  Items not available for pick-up prior to 11:30am
if picking up hot.

Includes corn tortillas or lettuce cups (both gluten free). Each taco order includes a choice of two 8 oz salsas. Fillings are provided in trays with tortillas or lettuce cups on the side to maintain product quality.

Chicken: $48/1 dozen, $90/2 dozen
Chipotle chimichurri, pickled red onion, cilantro

Steak: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen
Roasted jalapeno salsa, cilantro, onion

Carnitas: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen
Salsa morita, grilled pineapple, cilantro, onion

Chorizo: $48/1 dozen, $90/2 dozen
Chile de arbol, avocado, queso fresco

Veggie: $36/1 dozen, $65/2 dozen (vegetarian)
Poblano peppers, corn, red onion, mushrooms, sour cream, queso fresco

Shrimp: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen
Chipotle chimichurri, lettuce, pico de gallo

Pork Belly: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen (48 hr advance notice)
Braised pork belly, sweet chili sesame thai slaw, served with corn & wheat tortillas

Brisket: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen (72 hr advance notice)
Smoked in house for fifteen hours, agave morita BBQ sauce, apple slaw

Ground Beef: $54/1 dozen, $100/2 dozen
Lettuce, tomato, cheese